About Us

Our team

Uwe had the idea and takes care of development. He has more than 25 years of experience as Engineer in the automotive industry. His
passion are clever technical solutions of impressive simplicity.

Kai does administration. He has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Holding a degree in environmental engineering, Kai has a clear vision of environmental protection and sustainability.

Together we have broad expertise in concept development, calculation, testing, manufacturing, purchasing and sales, as well as in user experience and design thinking.

We like to use our bikes for leisure and everyday use. More and more often with a trailer!

The idea

There are many bicycle trailers. But we did not find one for a very wide use at an acceptable price. That's why Uwe built his first trailer himself. This soon turned into ten followers for our friends. And now everyone can have one!

Our values

We make a contribution to the environment and society. We think holistically sustainable for the use and manufacture of the product.

Monetary gain is not our priority, but fun with the product and with our partners and customers. If everyone makes a living, we're satisfied.

Our partners

The company is based in Rosenheim, and many of our partners are also located in the area. We work with suppliers in Germany or the EU for almost all individual parts.

With the Caritas workshops for people with disabilities in the district of Rosenheim, we were able to find a partner with high flexibility and great social commitment for production, storage, logistics and service.

With our website we are supported by ICY-BLUE Digital Consulting , a start-up consultancy for digital marketing from Bavaria: professional, personal and always available for us.

Tobias Tschepe takes the photos, creatively, flexibly and individually.