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"RAIN" cover for HAUTOO bike trailers

"RAIN" cover for HAUTOO bike trailers

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Weather protection - hand-sewn in Rosenheim!

This practical cover protects your goods from rain, dirt and prying eyes. Hand-sewn from elastic, waterproof tent fabric, it is very light and also easy to stow away. Thanks to the four elastic straps with practical hooks, larger items can also be stowed under the hood.

In the neutral, gray color, it goes with all transport bags.


The cover is simply pulled over the bars and fastened with four sewn-on elastic straps - nothing flies away and the water also runs off.

Can only be used along with the four rods of the "BAG" transport bag.


Wasserdichter, elastischer Stoff

50% Polyester / 50% PU

190 g/m²

> 50.000 mm Wassersäule

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